How to Protect Yourself Against an Abuser in the La Grange & Oldham County, KY Area

Ask your family court judge for an emergency protective order

Are you taking legal action against an abusive ex, or partner or even an aggressive neighbor? A judge in the La Grange & Oldham County, KY area can issue an emergency protective order (EPO) to protect you until the hearing. The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, PLLC can petition for an EPO so you can get yourself out of a situation where someone is making you feel unsafe.

An emergency protective order is only temporary, so attorney Fee can also petition for a long-term domestic violence protection order (DVO), if you'd like.

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How it works

How it works

To get a domestic violence protection order, you’ll typically need to…

  • File a petition with your county of residence
  • Explain why you’d like to get a DVO
  • Attend a hearing

Attorney Fee can assist with this, as well as speak up for you in court. He’ll support you the whole time and make sure you feel comfortable with the process.

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