Protection Orders Attorney in La Grange, Kentucky

How to Protect Yourself Against an Abuser in The La Grange & Oldham County, KY Area

Ask Your Family Court Judge for An Emergency Protective Order

Are you taking legal action against an abusive ex, or partner, or even an aggressive neighbor? A judge in the La Grange & Oldham County, KY area can issue an emergency protective order (EPO) to protect you until the hearing. The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, PLLC can petition for an EPO so you can get yourself out of a situation where someone is making you feel unsafe.

An emergency protective order is only temporary, so Attorney Fee can also petition for a long-term domestic violence protection order (DVO) if you'd like.

Need to defend yourself against an inaccurate EPO? Call now for legal help.

How It Works

To get a domestic violence protection order, you’ll typically need to…

  • File a petition with your county of residence
  • Explain why you’d like to get a DVO
  • Attend a hearing

Attorney Fee can assist with this, as well as speak up for you in court. He’ll support you the whole time and make sure you feel comfortable with the process.

Contact The Law Office of Jon R. Fee in La Grange, KY now to get started.

Q & A

Is a Shield Being Used as a Sword?

In Kentucky, Emergency Protection Orders are designed to protect those that are at risk of harm from another, be it a stranger or a spouse. As is often the case with any mechanism of protection, it can be misused.

Unfortunately, there are times when an individual will seek an emergency protection order because they believe that it will give them some benefit or leverage in their ongoing divorce or child custody dispute. This is most certainly not what should be done, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Don't let the system take away your rights.

Have You Been Served with a Temporary Protection Order?

If you are reading this, you have recently received a visit from the sheriff where he/she presented you with a piece of paper that just turned your day upside-down. On that document there is a hearing date - this is critical.

You weren't there when the Temporary protection order was issued, and you didn't have any opportunity to dispute the claims that were being made. That hearing date is your chance to prove that you didn't do the things that have been alleged. Having an attorney that knows the rules of evidence can be critical in determining how that hearing will go. Call Attorney Jon R. Fee to discuss your case and how to best proceed.

Do You Need a Protection Order?

Do you need help seeking a temporary protection order to protect yourself or your children from someone that has used or threaten to use violence? This can be a family member, spouse, neighbor, or complete stranger. If so, please consider calling the police immediately.

Sometimes the police don't always want to get involved if they believe it is a "civil matter," so a temporary protection order might be your best option for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

If you decide to seek a protection order it is important to be able to prove each and every allegation that is made in your request for a protection order. Consulting with Attorney Jon R. Fee can help you understand if you have the information necessary to move forward with this process.

If you have obtained a temporary protection order on your own, the easy part is over. The actual hearing where the Order can be made permanent is a very different animal. You have to present testimony and evidence to demonstrate to the judge that you are, in fact, in need of protection. Appearing in Court and testifying before the judge can be a very daunting and stressful experience. Call experienced trial attorney Jon R. Fee today for help with this process.