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If you ended up on this page, you likely have more questions than answers. The Kentucky family law lawyer at The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, PLLC is here to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time.

Despite being referred to as "Family Court," these are generally not the cases that give the participants the warm and fuzzies. Cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the Family Court in La Grange, KY, Oldham County, or Shelby County can be incredibly scary for those that have been ordered to appear. To help address your fears and concerns, family law attorney Jon R. Fee is committed to sitting down with you to really listen.

Divorce Lawyer:

With divorce cases, emotions aren't high - they are in freefall from 40,000 feet. If children are involved, it can often be difficult to see a solution that doesn't feel impossible as you try to plan for what life is going to look like in the coming months. Divorce lawyer Jon R. Fee can help you navigate the process and help you to start preparing for life as it is going to be.

Remember, you don't need a cheerleader - you need a coach. To this end, there is a time and a place to fight, but if you want to fight for the sake of fighting - please know that only the family law attorneys will win. If being reasonable isn't being reciprocated by the other side (be it your soon-to-be ex-spouse or the Cabinet), Jon is an experienced trial attorney who will effectively present your case in Family Court in the La Grange, KY area.

Child Custody Law Lawyer and Parenting Time:

Whether you have just been served with papers or your divorce was finalized 10 years ago, figuring out the appropriate parenting plan can be a challenge. Sit down with La Grange, KY child custody lawyer Jon R. Fee to discuss creating a parenting plan that will work for you, your children, and the court.

Child Support:

Depending on your and your ex-spouse's level of income and your parenting schedule, you may be able to ask the court to award child support. Similarly, if there has been a substantial change in either parenting time or level of income, you may be able to petition for a modification. Contact family law attorney Jon R. Fee in La Grange, KY to talk through your situation and decide if there is something that can be done in your case.


Has there been a significant change in your or your ex-spouse's employment status? If so, you might be able to petition the court for a modification of your maintenance order.

Dependency, Neglect, or Abuse:

The Cabinet has significant resources at its disposal, and if the State is seeking to place your children in its custody, it is important to act quickly. It is important to know that charges of this nature can have important collateral consequences for people's employment if the court makes particular findings.


While these are generally cases that Family Court judges look forward to handling, they are highly technical in nature. There is no greater fear for a family than having their adoption undone by a failure to complete a form or failing to give notice to the appropriate party.

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