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A Personal Approach to Troubling Family Law Issues

What to expect from our family law attorney in La Grange & Oldham County, KY

Established in La Grange, KY in July 2019, The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, PLLC is one of the newest practices in town. Although our family law attorney recently moved to Kentucky, he brought a decade of legal experience with him. Stop by to say hello.

Attorney Jon R. Fee will take the time to listen to your legal concerns. During your free consultation, you can discuss solutions that could resolve your legal matter once and for all. These could include taking your child custody issue to family court or petitioning for an emergency protective order.

Although attorney Fee focuses on family law, he's well-versed in criminal defense and personal injury law. Contact him when you need to speak with an experienced personal injury or DUI defense attorney.

Family Law

Family Law

Bring your legal matter to our family law attorney in La Grange & Oldham County, KY.

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury attorney can help you seek compensation.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Discuss your charges with our seasoned criminal defense attorney.

Protection Orders

Protection Orders

Explore your legal options for protecting yourself and your family.

If you are going to court, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience

Facing a legal crisis?

Don’t panic. You’ll find the family, personal injury or criminal defense attorney you’re looking for at The Law Office of Jon R. Fee. Rest easy knowing…

  • You can talk with attorney Fee outside of regular business hours, if needed.
  • You’ll receive attorney Fee’s undivided attention and best efforts.
  • You’ll have an advocate by your side in the courtroom.

It’s time to speak with a criminal defense, personal injury or family law attorney. Contact attorney Fee in La Grange, KY today.

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